It's a tour, it's a game, it's an adventure! Families! Groups! Parties! Teams!

It's all on your smart phone or mobile device. Easy sign up and one low price! Start anytime you want, day or night. Step by step directions take you to famous sights! Stop and go at your own pace. If you have a group, split up and make it a race!


How and where do we start the tours?

Go anytime! Sign-up and go to the starting point. No where to check-in and no one to check-in with.

Will we lose our bearings?

Step-by-step directions will guide you on your own personal cell phone or data capable mobile device. And a helpful guide is always one phone call away!

Do we win prizes on the tours?

Yes! Complete the hunts and get Treasure Coins to redeem for prizes and get local discounts along the route!

Do you do custom events and group activities?

Yes! We custom design events for groups large and small, fill out the contact form or give us a call!

Use your smart phone or data capable mobile device. Start anytime and go your own pace!

Buckaroos young and old will enjoy family-friendly fun, interactive challenges, puzzles, riddles, trivia, and more surprises along the tour!

Save your loot! This is the most affordable way to tour the best historical landmarks, iconic locations, and island hot spots!

No walking the plank! Stop and go anytime you like, and there’s no time limit!

It's awesome because we could stop and shop and eat on the route. There is not a time limit so my family could enjoy the things to see and do along the way!
Dee M.
Scavenger on the Strand Hunter

Scavenger on the Strand


  • Sights: The Strand, Tremont House, Pier 21, Historic Architecture, Storm Survivors, and more!
  • 1.2 mile round trip tour
  • 50-75 minute walking tour
  • Begins and Ends at Saengerfest Park, Corner of Strand & 23rd
  • Walk, bike and golf cart friendly
  • 25 challenge stops, 3 selfie spots, and 1 bonus
  • Win up to 100 Treasure Coins!
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Hysterical Historical Hunt


  • Sights: Postoffice Arts District, Historic Mansions & Churches, Texas Heroes Monument, Storm Survivors, The Strand, and more!
  • 3.1 mile round trip tour
  • 120-180 minute walking tour
  • Begins and Ends at Saengerfest Park, Corner of Strand & 23rd
  • Walk, bike and golf cart friendly
  • 34 challenge stops, 3 selfie spots, and 1 bonus
  • Win up to 100 Treasure Coins!
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Seawall Stroll


  • Sights: Murdochs, Historic Pleasure Pier, Seawall, SIT painted benches, Beach hot spots, and more!
  • 1.1 mile round trip tour
  • 45-65 minute walking tour
  • Begins and ends at Seawall Blvd. & 23rd (across from the Hotel Galvez & Spa)
  • Walk, bike and surrey friendly
  • 28 challenge stops, 2 selfie stops, and 1 bonus
  • Win up to 100 Treasure Coins!
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Finding Poseidon's Trident - NEW FOR 2018!


  • Sights: Convention Center District, Fort Crockett area, Seawall Sculptures; Poseidon, dolphins, sea turtle
  • .6 miles round trip
  • 45-60 minute walking tour
  • Begins at 5000 block of the Seawall across from the Holiday Inn Resort
  • Walk, bike, and surrey friendly
  • 25 challenges, 3 selfie stops
  • Win up to 100 Treasure Coins!
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What our treasurer hunters are saying

My friends and I split up into groups and bought hunts for each team and did it as a race! The riddles and puzzles are really fun!
Lindsey T.
Hysterical Historical Hunter
This was our first time to the island. My wife and I were looking for a leisurely outdoor activity. We enjoyed walking and learning about the many historical locations on the hunt.
Larry & Victoria
Island Hunters
This is so much fun! Our family needed another beach activity. My teens and my younger children had a blast! Everyone got a chance to participate in the various challenges for a very affordable price!
Becky S.
Seawall Stroll Hunter

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The tour directions and the questions along the way are all on the web brower of your data capable smart phone or mobile device.

Hunt for a good cause! We Support local Charities!

The 4B Disaster Response Network (4B DRN) exists to mobilize a network of churches to reflect the gospel of Jesus Christ by serving people affected by disaster in the 4B area (from the Beltway to the Beach and the Bay to Brazoria County).

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Go hunt, go play!

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Ahoy me hearties! Avast! The most fun on the island! So batten down the hatches and heave ho on a voyage for ye treasures!

Let us show you around and have some fun! We are a local family operation who believes you will be satisfied with your scavenger hunt and island tour experience or your money back! Restrictions apply.